A Review of Slip 2000 Cleaners and Lubricants For Pocket Knives

I own a blade sharpening business because I am passionate about knives. I’ve been cleaning and sharpening knives for close to 40 years. To clean and grease these knives, I’ve been using Slip 2000 lubricants for the last seven years. I also use them for a multitude of other functions: my firearms, sewing and crafting shears, yard and shop tools, and even door hinges and locks. My wife uses Slip 2000 lubricant on all her sewing machines, both commercial and industrial. I’ve had more and more friends and clients ask me what’s a good quality brand lubricant that they should use. They also ask me why I switched over to Slip 2000, and why I prefer it over other lubricants. To explain this, first, you need to understand the type and style of pocketknife you deal with.

A folding pocketknife requires frequent but simple cleaning and proper lubrication. First, clean out the dirt and debris from the open blade channel and between the blade of the knife and the bolster lining or scales of the knife. Then, lubricate the blade and the front bolster pivot point. The space between the blade and the washers on either side of the blade’s pivot point is very narrow. This makes it hard to lubricate precisely, and usually, the lubricant overflows. This is more difficult on the smaller Case, Shrade, and Uncle Henry style pocket folders and multi-tool type knives. Too much lubricant traps excess debris. The Slip 2000 knife lubricant with the metal needle tip applicator makes lubrication precise. This is the reason I like Slip 2000. It is a fully synthetic lubricant, great for wicking into these extremely tight and narrow spaces. The needle tip applicator allows for controlled and precise application of lube. Slip 2000 lubricates the pivot and folding mechanisms but also protects the metal parts from friction and corrosion. It does not attract dust, dirt, and debris like other brands. You could use it virtually in any style of folding knife or choose a thicker lubricant for a specific type of pocketknife.  

I also like that I don’t have to worry about getting Slip 2000 on my hands as it is safe and non-irritating. It is less costly than other brands and far superior to many lubricants out on the market. Many other knife lubricants being watery eventually evaporate or drip off the knife parts. This offers no protection. It exposes your knife to rust and becomes increasingly harder to open. Slip 2000 is clear and, unlike other leading brands, it is safe to use on the entire knife. The clear, shiny lubricant allows you to see exactly where you are placing it. I recommend using the metal needle tip applicator for a precise product application.

The SLIP 2000 company carries various weights of lubricant. So if you’re working on a small pocket folder or a multi-tool knife, you can use the thinner Pocket Knife lubricant because this weight will migrate into tight spaces. If you’re working with a larger or full-size folder, you could use the heavier EWL lubricant as this weight tends not to run or drip as easily. If you’re using an out-the-front bladed knife or a full-size heavy folding knife, you could use the thicker EWL 30 lubricant. This weight stays put and does not run or migrate. It is more like 30-weight motor oil.  

I highly recommend Slip 2000 lubricants for pocketknives and other applications.  

Enjoy your knives. Keep them sharp and properly lubricated.